Friday, August 12, 2011

Quite the Production

Photo Courtesy of Sandrs Schulberg

The Webster House is full of history, so it was with great pleasure that we were able to host film producer Sandra Schulberg when she recently brought a piece of history to Bay City, a film documentary of the Nuremberg trial.

Bay City historian Dave Rogers contacted Ms. Schulberg, requesting that she bring the film to Bay City. He felt it was particularly fitting to show it here as Bay City resident and WWII veteran Andrew Wendlend was a member of the honor guard during the Nuremberg trial. The film, titled “Nuremberg: Its Lessons for Today,” was restored from an original documentary produced by Ms. Schulberg’s father.

While the original film was produced at the request of the United States government, it was later suppressed, never released in the United States, and ultimately forgotten. Ms. Schulberg has spent the past six years restoring the film. It was shown at the State Theatre on August 2 as a fundraiser for Bay City veterans.

Bay City was just one stop in many cities across the country. In Michigan, it was shown at the Traverse City Film Festival and at the Detroit Institute of Arts. It will be back in Michigan in November, when it will be presented at Central Michigan University. To learn more about the film, go to

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